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Therapies at Hazelbrook

Why not treat yourself to the wide range of Holistic treatments available in our therapy suite? The Holistic therapist treats the client as a whole being with numerous inter-relating unifying parts. This holistic approach honours the clients’ body, mind, emotions and spirit within their social context. As a holistic therapist, Mary works to help ignite the inner physician within her clients which can lay dormant for various reason and help bring about self healing and cure on many levels.


About the Therapist

Mary is a highly qualified, accredited therapist with many years of experience in working with individual and groups. Some of the therapies she offers the public include Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology, Stress and Pain Management, Ear Coning, Energy Work and last but not least, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision. Mary holds an honour’s MSc in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy in which she is totally devoted to wholeness, health and wellness. Mary is a senior tutor and group facilitator with TPI training faculty at Turning Point Herbert St Dublin, which is affiliated to UCC. She is a fully accredited member of IAHIP, IACP, EAIP, IMTA, IRI.



In an aromatherapy massage, natural essential oils are blended individually for each client. This type of fragrant massage uses lymphatic drainage techniques tailored to suit the clients needs, which can promote a sense of relaxation and well being.


Holistic Massage

Holistic massage based on Swedish techniques can be relaxing or invigorating and is also tailored to the clients needs. This is a wonderful treatment for the release of muscle tension and stress while stimulating the circulation and lymphatic systems.



Reflexology is an ancient form of therapy which aims to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. In this treatment pressure and massage are applied to the reflex points found on the feet, hand and head in much the same way Acupuncture works but without the needles. This form of treatment helps to bring about a natural equilibrium on all levels of being. This unique therapy helps reduce stress, induces relaxation, helps cleanse the body of toxins and impurities and ignite the body's own inner physician and much more.


Deep Tissue, Trigger point and Orthopedic Massage

This is a deeper more specific massage for Chronic Pain and Sports Injuries. This massage works the deeper layers of muscles and attachments breaking down the adhesions which can restrict movement.


Energy Balancing

In energy work the therapist works on and around the clients clothed body to gently assist the realignment of the clients own electro magnetic energy field. This hands on healing can accelerate the bodies own natural healing ability. This form of treatment also works very subtly on all levels of the person to promote balance, health, wholeness and well being. This treatment is energising and relaxing so as to enable the client's own natural resources to operate more effectively. Great benefits can be seen in Acute and Chronic conditions, recent losses and shock etc. This treatment can be applied on its own or can be used in conjunction with other treatments, whether these are complementary, alternative, conventional or orthodox.


Stress Management & Relaxation Counseling

In the session clients are encouraged to identify, explore and manage their stresses, worries and concerns in a safe way, using numerous proven techniques and strategies. The therapist role is mainly as a coach for the client, helping them setting goals etc, "the little do-able life changes" necessary in their journey towards wellness, much like life coaching. Stress is said to be one of the main contributing factors in most diseases.


Thermal Auricular Therapy - Ear Coning

This is an Age Old method of treating the ears in order to bring about balance, this therapy works well with Ear, Nose and Throat conditions, such as Sinusitis, Ear Infections, Sore Throats, Vertigo, Migraine and many more acute or chronic disorders of the head.


Counselling & Psychotherapy & Supervision

In this unique, confidential relationship the therapist is genuine, respectful and empathetic which encouraged the client to talk about their issues and concerns. Counselling is regarded as more goal-oriented, dealing more with here-and-now issues and the nature of the work is usually short-term. Psychotherapy, on the other hand, is more process-oriented, dealing with past issues and the work is long-term in nature. Mary is a qualified accredited heath care supervisor offering an extra-vision which supports the therapist or heath care worker with practices issues and concerns in order to ensure best practice.



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